Youth Development
Workshop And Mentoring 



  1. Education

  2. Health and Wellness 

  3. Community Accountability 

  4. Entrepreneurship 

  5. Gang Prevention 

  6. Curriculum Development for ( youth, adults/parents and organizations )

  7. Mentoring (solo and groups).



Learning Context:

Have your students learned everything they need to know in order to complete this lesson? This might be a good time to review some previous lessons so that they feel prepared to learn something exciting and new!


  1. Anticipatory Set " Making my Connection "

  1. Direct Instruction " Clarity "

  2. Guided Practice " Coaching "

  3. Check for Understanding " Reflection "

  1. Independent Practice "Accountability "

  2. Closing "Accomplishments "

These listed procedures can be implemented to any of the above subject matters. Also each subject matter can be effective for young adults ( 13-24 ) and adults 25 and older. 

Speaking Their Language 

I keep in mind that children learn in many different ways. So, by consciously thinking about this, I'm able to use different teaching techniques to reach as many children as possible with our individual child, group or classroom setting. 

  1. Criminal Behavior 

  2. Drug Addiction 

  3. Gang Culture 

  4. Single Parent Youth Life 

  5. Fatherless Child

  6. Incarceration Over coming Life After Prison 

  7. Entrepreneurial/the Hustle 

Materials & Resources

Journals and pens or laptops/w WIFI, projector  systems  or TV access,  food and water. Mic if needed.


The assessment are calculated on the bases of what subject matter my client may choose. Once a subject or subjects are decided upon. Then defining the outcome can become more realistic. 


Fee and Payment 

Workshops - 

  • $250 (2) hours Groups of 2-6

  • $350 (2) hours Groups of 7-12

  • $500 (2) hours Groups of 13+

    • additional $99 per hr

Curriculum Development-

  • $150 (3) hours (personal curriculum per youth)

  • $2500 (60)+ hours (educator, non profit organization independent mentor



  • $35 (1) hour group of 1-6

  • $75 (1) hour group of 7-13 max 

Odd Jobs-

  • Sheetrocking

  • Insulation

  • Landscaping

  • Painting

  • Moving (Homes, businesses, property)

  • Demolition work and much more...

Any odd job will depend on the site, size, location and deadline.

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